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We all carry fears and some sort of traumatic memories that don´t allow us to fully open up to life, pleasure and love.  To heal and recover all of our energy, we need to go back to the point where we lost contact with it.​​ In this retreat you will consciously enter into a process of rediscovering and reprogramming your history around pleasure and sexuality.



halloween edition

1 - 5 NOV 2023 | ALJEZUR



A wake-up call

to the erotic body

Waking the erotic body up is waking up to life: to pleasure, to adventure, to spontaneity.

What to expect...

This retreat is the opportunity to delve deep into the story of your life, understand the point where you lost touch with your most natural energy and take that fluidity back into your body and connections.


Feel!! We shut down our feelings by the time in our history when a certain situation became too intense cope with. Feeling again: the body, sensations and emotions is the way to free ourselves from the prison of these old emotional patterns. Creating internal space to deal with the different emotional colors and spectrums that life will allways bring to us - is the premise to heal our relationships and the way we live sexuality.


Wake up! We came into this world with an erotic body, but learned early in life that everything that inhabits it, is wrong. Our sexuality was repressed at home, school, church, supermarket, even at the movies... We grow up with a distorted idea of ​​what sexuality is. We feel dirty and wrong... We begin to experience sexuality in the shadow and consequently all the toxicity that surrounds it. In this retreat we will breathe, pulsate and claim our erotic energy back into our lives. We will learn how to use and channel this supernatural force to create the world we dream of.

communication &

Love! We didn't come here to be alone, we need each other to grow. Relationships are the most powerful tool we have to evolve and, therefore, they are also the most challenging one. Instead of getting stuck in toxic ways of connecting, we need to learn the art of relating through love. In this retreat we will practice how to incorporate responsible communication, radical honesty and self-love in connection with others.


in this retreat you will


Develop a closer and more loving relationship with your body


Identify the blocks and traumas that prevent you from living your sexuality fully


Heal your relationship with pleasure: releasing old memories and imprints of guilt, shame, humiliation


Learning to use and channel your sexual energy to manifest your dreams and desires


Reconnect with the qualities of your inner feminine energy, opening yourself to sensuality, passion, surrender, vision and creativity


Reconnect with the qualities of your inner masculine energy, bringing more presence, focus, strength and structure to your life


Learning how to identify and communicate your boundaries, letting go of the old habits of playing the martir / good girl/boy and reclaiming your power back


Learning how to identify and communicate your desires and needs, while learning to deal with the fear of rejection and criticism


Learning how to use breath to awaken your erotic body and your sexual energy


Working with your shadow and the different aspects of you that you seek to deny and repress


Explore your sexual fantasies as a way to understand more about your true needs and boundaries


​Understanding how the roles of victim, perpetuator or martyr affect your relationships and learning to break out of those roles and connect from your own


a retreat

that will also help you with

common questions

I don't have any previous experience with Tantra, can I participate?

Yes, you don't need any previous experience with tantra, meditation or therapy.

​Will I have to participate in nudist activities?

The essence of this work is precisely to help you connect with your inner truth. Therefore, there is nothing that will happen during the retreat that is against your will. 

I´m in a relationship, but my partner does not want to participate. Should I go?

Sure. Everything you will learn and transform during these 5 days will help you to improve the way you live your relationships.

Are there sexual interaction activities among the participants?

The purpose of this retreat is to make you more and more in tune with your truth, boundaries and desires.  All the proposals come to empower you in your choices.

Since the retreat is a inner work, does it make sense to go as a couple?

Jackpot! Coming as a couple is a profound boost to your relationship. The work always starts with ourselves, but when we are two we go further.

I am on psychiatric medication. Can I participate?

In most cases there is no contraindication. We only ask you not stop taking them while in the retreat. But please let us know more about your circunstances while booking the retreat. 

about the facilitators

image_6483441 (2)_edited.jpg

Mariana Puja

Blessed to work on what I love and having 12 years of body-mind-spiritual therapy experience, my purpose is to support people to live their full potential.

My studies in Psychology together with my studies in Primal Therapy, Tantra, Osho Active Meditations, Subtle Body Healing, ThetaHealing and Somatic Experience provide me with a holistic vision as well as rich tools accompany clients in their self-development.

​The Erotic Body is born from the vision of reconciling the work of trauma, primal and tantra in order to contribute to our human and spiritual evolution.


Felipe Roselli

Musician, surfer and meditation practitioner, Felipe is one of the founders of the SYM - Surf, Yoga & Music project.


Since 2013, he has been delving into the study of Yoga and Vedanta, and since then has facilitated self-knowledge retreats and workshops. ​


Music is one of his great passions and has been one of his main vehicles for self-knowledge. He has been studying, exploring and facilitating mantras chanting circles as a path of self-development.


Today he is also dedicated to the area of ​​education and also works with children. Creator of Surf Therapy - Emotional Healing, he sees self-knowledge as the great value that unites all practices and areas of life

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*Besides Puja there might be slight changes in the team

where & when


1 - 5 November | ALJEZUR

Ritmo da Terra, Aljezur

Arrival:  2pm 1st Nov

Departure: 2pm 5th Nov




** the price includes food, accommodation & participation in the retreat


Shared room

yurt with wc outside


To book your place we kindly ask to:

1. Make a non refundable deposit of 200€

2. Fill the form below with your personal information

payment details:

MBWAY * 936548769

IBAN * PT50 0079 0000 21365721101 09 | Mariana Pinto de Sousa

if you want to pay with card use the bottom bellow

book here:

Any questions you have regarding the retreat write to us.

To sign up, please also leave us your contact details and write the payment method and data you used for the deposit in the message.

Obrigada, entraremos em contacto contigo em breve.

erotic body talk

** In this talk we will bring the awareness about how healing and awakening our erotic nature can help us to increase the quality in relevant all areas of our lives such as intimate relationships, friendships, family, creativity and work.

1. How to use erotic energy for self healing and creativity, understanding the principles of neural plasticity

2. Ancient Tantric Breath-work meditation to awaken your erotic being and creative potential 3. The main blockages of erotic energy for men and for women

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what people say

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Thank you so much for this retreat, which was inspiring and enlightening. It supports me in grounding and expressing how I feel (boundaries, desires, etc.). A perfect mix of light and depth. I went through huge shifts during the retreat and I am integrating several “tools-experiments” you shared with us in my daily life.

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-09 at 16.47.02.jpeg


Corpo erótico is a life changing experience! Puja knows how to create a safe container in which I was able to dive deeper and show myself in an authentic way, connect to myself and with the others who became quickly beloved ones. So enriching and empowering! Thank you so much Puja and Filipe!!!


I went there suffering a lot inside, And I came back feeling in peace. I still feel the pain, the sadness but it doesn't hurt me in the same way. I found there a new pair of lenses that help me see everything from another perspective, a better one, that's for sure. I truly appreciate Mariana and Filipe work. They are two beautiful souls 😌

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