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13 MAY | 7 - 11:30PM


connecting the heart to the body in relationships



A journey into connecting your heart with your erotic body. In this interactive and healing experience, you will learn more about conscious healthy relating, the wisdom of the erotic body, and have a chance to explore breath as a way to uplift your energy and open to intimacy.

Includes a taster into the

Erotic Body Retreat 25 - 29 May

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A wake-up call

to the erotic body

Waking the erotic body up is waking up to life: to pleasure, to adventure, to spontaneity.

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what to expect

A 4,1/2 hour event where we will:

  • Have a conscious relating Masterclass: how to rise in love instead of falling for it

  • Learn tools on how to listen to your body

  • Dive into the pratice of radical and honest communication

  • Use breath as tool to uplift your erotic nature and open to intimacy

this event is for you if you are...


Noticing that you attract similar unhealthy relationship patterns over and over again


Struggling to understand why you sabotage deep connection


Continously attracting unavailable or needy people


Having the desire to release energetic blocks of giving and receiving


Willing to learn the ingredients to build a healthy conscious relationship


Craving for a more loving and closer relationship with your own body


Having  a hard time to communicate your feelings and needs with others 


Desiring to feel more ecstasy, pleasure and energy in your life 


Curious about how to use breath as a door to open to more intimacy with others

about the facilitators


Indra is passionate about the healing power of love, inner child healing and the possibility of conscious relating.


Indra has 20 years experience facilitating empowerment workshops and 6 years’ experience in the inner child field. He is trained in Gestalt, NLP, Life Coaching, Regressive Trauma Healing, Family Constellations, Meditation Facilitation, Deep Democracy, Counselling, Breathwork, Sexual Deconditioning, Art Therapy, Psychodrama Therapy, Men’s Brotherhood work, Inner Teen Therapy, Conflict Resolution and Somatic Healing. His work is influenced by Osho, Primal Inner Child Healing, International School of Temple Arts, Isha Foundation, Path of Love, Tony Robbins, Landmark Education, Art of Living, Vipassana, Byron Katie, Neal Donald Walsh and Collaborative Coaching 

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Blessed to work on what I love and having 11 years of body-mind-spiritual therapy experience, my purpose is to support people to live their full potential.

My studies in Psychology together with my studies in Primal Therapy, Tantra, Osho Active Meditations, Subtle Body Healing, ThetaHealing and Somatic Experience provide me with a holistic vision as well as rich tools accompany clients in their self-development.

​The Erotic Body is born from the vision of reconciling the work of trauma, primal and tantra in order to contribute to our human and spiritual evolution.



To book your place make a payment (non refundable) and write to us.

payment details:

MBWAY * 936548769

IBAN * PT50 0079 0000 21365721101 09 | Mariana Pinto de Sousa


whatsapp: +256 781 459 512

telegram: +306 944 569 276

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